Why Should You Go for MDF Skirting Boards?

Whether you are renovating an old property or building a new one, using skirting boards for wood flooring projects is a very popular practice these days. There is a huge variety of skirting styles available on the internet, which might make choosing one among these any options difficult for you. There are pros and cons to all sorts of skirting materials available in the market. However skirting boards have emerged as a very popular choice due to the several advantages they offer.

Advantages of MDF Skirting Boards

If you are confused about using the right material for architrave and skirting, there is no second thought that skirting boards are the best option. MDF basically stands for Medium Density Fireboard. It is manufactured from wood fibres gathered from broken hardwoods and softwoods.

There are several advantages of MDF skirting boards over the traditional hardwood skirting options like Oak and softwood, Pine. The biggest advantage of going for such boards is that it is cheaper than every other skirting board available.

Durability and Better Finish

As MDF is a manmade material, it is quite durable and would last as long as you use the property. Unlike the hardwood, Oak and softwood, Pine the MDF skirting boards are free of imperfections such as holes and knots or any sort of grains. Hence, the final paint finish on it comes out pretty smooth and flawless.

Get Rid of Installation Hassles

One thing that you must keep in mind while carrying out wood flooring in your new or old property is that you must make sure there is ample gap left between the edges of the floor and the wall so as to allow expansion and contraction of the skirting boards. However, one of the biggest advantages of these MDF boards is that it won’t expand or contract like wooden materials.

With so many benefits, MDF skirting boards are the best bet for your flooring needs.